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Gianluca Bianchino

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Current / Recent Projects and Features

Geometric Language
Tanya Weddemire Gallery,
Industry City, Brooklyn, NY

Opening Reception: March 16, 2024


Sculpture Space - Utica NY
2023 Summer Cohort Residency


artspiel 2.png

An Attempt to Communicate with Reality

virtual / in situ solo installation
Gallery Bergen, Bergen Community College
Paramus NJ

<- link to virtual experience


link to ArtSpiel interview by Etty Yaniv ->


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About & Subscribe

Uncharted Space

Solo exhibition
Visual Art Gallery
New Jersey City University

<- link to Arte Fuse review by Jonathan Goodman


link to Brooklyn Rail Essay by Wavelength ->


Mechanical Landscapes Studio shot - web.jpg

Current studio work 2020-23
Mechanical Landscapes

<-link to


link to SciArt Initiative   
Interview by Kate Shwarting ->



link to SciArt Initiative interview by K. Schwarting ->


Space Junk #1.jpg

<-link to Sculpture Magazine feature by J. Goodman


link to Nautilus Magazine     
How Art can make the Data Pop     
by By Shannon Hall ->


Transportal 6 -Beyond the Singularity.jpg
1. FAULTLINE_paper pulp, ,metal, tripods_dimension variable_2019.jpg

<-link to ITALIANITÀ curated by Joanne Mattera
What Could Have Been
                      and What is Still Possible



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