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EDUCATION:           2011  Masters of Fine Arts, Montclair State University, Montclair, New Jersey

                              2002  Bachelor of Fine Arts, New Jersey CityUnversity, Jersey City, New Jersey





2021                       Gallery Bergen,  BCC, Paramus, NJ An Attempt to Communicate with Reality (Solo)

2019                       Visual Art Galery, NJCU, Jersey City, NJ Uncharted Space (Solo)

2016                       Rooster Gallery, New York, NY, The Big Empty (Two Person)

2015                       Hunterdon Museum of Art, Clinton, NJ, Through the Lens (Two Person)

2014                       Firehouse Art Center, Newark, NJ, Space-Time Discontinuum (Solo)

2012                       Index Art Center, Newark, NJ, Temporary Bodies (Solo)

2008                       Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ Wall Drifts (Solo)               

2006                       Walsh Gallery, SHU, South Orange, NJ, Spatial Conditions (Solo)

2003                       ArtforChange Gallery Harlem, New York, NY. Trans-Substantia (Two Person)

2001                       Courtney Gallery, NJCU, Jersey City, NJ, The Humanoid Landscape  (Solo)





2021                       The Morris Museum, Morristown, NJ, Natural Essence

2019                       Gilbertsville Expressive Movement Gallery, Gilbertsville, NY, Expressions

                               Walsh Gallery, SHU, S.Orange, NJ, Strange Attractors

                               Silermine Art Center, New Canaan, CT, Group Show

                               Index Art Center, Newark NJ, Between Wisdom and Madness

2018                       Silvermine Art Center, New Canaan, CT, 68th Art of the Northeast

                               Novado Gallery, Jersey City, NJ, Off the Wall

                               Index Art Center, Newark, NJ, Earth N’ Sky

2017                       Governor’s Island Art Fair “10th Anniversay”, New York, NY, GIAF 2017

                               Suzhou Culture and Art Center, Suzhou, China, The Apotheosis of Homer

                               Governor’s Island, NY, Sculptor’s Guild 80th Anniversary Exhibit

                               Progetto PERASPERA, Bologna, Italy, RAID Advertisement

2016                       Lite Haus Gallery, Berlin, Germany, Borderless (NYFA)

2015                       Teckningsmuseet, Laholm, Sweden, Prime Matter

                               Islip Museum, Islip, NY, Compendium

                               Court Gallery, WPU, Wayne, NJ, Close Encounters

                               Walsh Gallery, SHU, S. Orange, NJ, Getting to Infinity

2014                       Sena Space, New York, NY, Prime Matter

                               Index Art Center, Newark, NJ, Chapter 237

2013                       NYFA, New York, NY, Pangea

                               Chashama (Chelsea), New York, NY, If the Present is not to Disappear

                               Painting Center, New York, NY, Working it out

                               Dolphin Gallery-Paterson Art Walk, Paterson, NJ, Industrialism

                               Prospect Firehouse Gallery, Newark, NJ, Unbound #4

2012                       Byrdcliffe Center for theArts, Woodstock, NY, The Sky is Falling                             

                               Walsh Gallery, SHU, South Orange, NJ, Linear Thinking

                               T. Maloney Gallery, CSE, Morristown, NJ, The Abstract Universe

2011                       College of Art Association, Hunter College, New York, NY Area MFA Exhibit

                               University of Mary Washington Galleries, Fredericksburg, VA, Shades of Grey

                               Sideshow, Brooklyn, NY, We Are We Make

                               Rogue Video and Perfromance, Newark, NJ, Letting Go

2010                       Index Art Center, Newark, NJ, Don’t Look Now

                               T. Maloney Gallery, CSE, Morristown, NJ, New Classicism

                               Index Art Center, Newark, NJ, Into the Void

                               T. Maloney Gallery, CSE, Morristown, NJ, Who We Are

2009                       Morris Arts Council, Morristown, NJ, From Here to There

                               Newark Open Doors, Newark, NJ, Freestyle

                               City Without Walls, Newark, NJ, The Cost of Freedom

                               Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ, OMG Aferro

2008                       The Metro Show 28  (Travelling Exhibit)                                                                                   

                               The Sketchbook Project   (Travelling Exhibit)                                                                                 

                               Walsh Gallery, SHU, South Orange, NJ, Paperwork

                               Victory Arts Project, Jersey City, NJ, 2-D Lifecycle

                               Exit Art, New York, NY, It’s Not Easy

                               Rupert Ravens Contemporary, Newark, NJ, Surfactant

                               Walsh Gallery, SHU, South Orange, NJ windows@walsh 

                               Your Document Please  (Traveling Exhibit)                                                        

                               Victory Arts Project, Jersey City, NJ, It’s only natural

2007                       NJIT Art Gallery, Newark, NJ, The Modified History of downtown Newark

                               Gallery The, Brooklyn, NY, Pause

                               Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ, Desideratum

                               City Without Walls, Newark, NJ, Daylight Savings

                               Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ, Someday this will all be(    ) 

                               Red Saw Gallery, Newark, NJ, Filmideo 2

                               Meyerson Hall, University of Pennsylvania, After Urban

2006                       National Center for Contemporary Arts, Moscow, Russia, Temporary Cities

                               Mana Fine Arts, Jersey City, NJ, What Have You Got To Say 

                               River’s Edge Film Festival, Paducah, KY

                               Red Saw Gallery, Newark, NJ, Filmideo

2005                       Bound_les, digital mail art (Traveling Exhibit)

                               Il Pettirosso, Venticano, Italy, Il contemporaneo nella Cultura Popolare

2002                       Montclair Art Museum, Montclair, NJ, Artrisin’

                               Jadite Gallery, New York, NY Artrisin’

2001                       Puffin Cultural Center, Teaneck NJ, Conscience in Exile

                               Sumei Arts Center, Newark, NJ, Threshold





2021                       Creative CatalytstFund/Newark Arts, NJ

2019                       G.E.M. Residency, Gilbertsville, NY

2017                       Visiting Artist Residency, Ramapo College, Ramapo, NJ

                               Micro Residency, Center For New Art, William Paterosn University, Wayne, NJ

                               Sino-US Arts Exchange Award, Pan National Arts, Suzhou, China           

2015                       ESKFF Residency @Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ

2014                       ESKFF Residency @Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ

2013                       NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentorship Program, New York, NY

2009                       Sumei Multi disciplinary Art Center, Newark, NJ  Food for Thought workshop

2008                       West Orange Energy Diet ’08, West Orange, NJ Public Art Installation - Painted Recycle Bins

2007                       Gallery Aferro Residency, Newark, NJ, 2007

                               West Orange Energy Diet ‘07,  West Orange, NJ, Public Art Installation – Painted Light Bulbs




2019                       Arte Fuse, Bianchino at the NJCU Art Gallery, Jonathan Goodman, January 2019

                               Riverview Observer, Sculpting Light and Space, by Sally Deering, January 2019

2017                       Brooklyn Rail, Tortured Artist and Mad Scientist, by Wavelength, December 2017

                               Nautilus Magazine, How Art Can Make the Data Pop, by Shannon Hall, January 2017

2016                       Sculpture Magazine, Feature: Dispersing Energy and Form, by J. Goodman, V-35- Nº 2, 3/16, p.50

2015                       New York Times, Islip Exhibition Explores How Science Influences Art, by Karen Lipson, 10/25, p.LI9

2013                       Sculpture Magazine, Review: Bianchino – Index, by J. Goodman,  Vol 32-Nº 3, April 2013, p.67

                               Ironbound Unbound, Bianchino Interview by Stephen Woods, October 2013, p.18

2008                       Co-Editor, Exhibition catalogue for Dialogue with an Ancient Forest, 3/08

2007                       The Star Ledger, W. Orange turning on energy conservation, 6/24/07, p.21

                               Co-Author, Exhibition catalogue for Escaping the Rectangle, 6/07

2003                       The Star Ledger, Young artists at work, 8/6/03, p.19





2020                 Guest Speaker, Parsons School of Design, Pre-thesis Lecture Series, New Yor, NY

2018                 Guest Speaker, Art.Sci Affair Lecture Series, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY

2017                 Panelist, Strange Attractors, Art and Science Conference, CUE Art Foundation, New York, NY

                         Guest Lecturer, Lecture Series, Ramapo College, Mahwah, NJ

                         Guest Artist and Speaker, Suzhou Art Center Culural Exchange Exhibit, Suzhou, China

2016                 Guest Lecturer and Studio Critique , Advanced Sculpture, New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ

                         Invited Speaker,  ESKFF Residency Fundraiser, Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ

2015                 Panelist, Tour the Universe, Sci Art, at Lower East Side Girls Club, New York, NY

2014                 Guest Lecturer, Post Graduate Art Practice, BFA Senior Seminar, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

                         Guest Lecturer, “Exhibitions  A – Z”, Museum Studies Program, SHU, South Orange, NJ

2010                 Presenter, Artist Salon Critique, Index Art Center, Newark, NJ

2002                 Panelist, Conscience in Exile, Puffin Foundation,  Teaneck, NJ





2020                 Co-Curator, Pandemic Projections, Ongoing public video projections in the age of Covid-19, Singac, NJ

2019                 Co-Curator, Index Art Center, Newark, NJ, Making Time

2017                 Co-Curator, Index Art Center, Newark NJ, Light-Years Away

2016                 Co-Curator, Index Art Center, Newark NJ, The Particle and The Wave

2010                 Curator, Index Art Center, Newark NJ, Don’t Look Now

2007                 Co-Curator, Walsh Gallery, Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey

                         Escaping the Rectangle: the Art of William Coronado

                         Co-authored exhibition catalogue


My work is an attempt to contain chaos in an ordered aesthetic.  Process and engagement with traditional and industrial materials conflate with science and architecture in an exploration of the underlying geometry of nature and the built environment. The resulting artwork is set in a metaphysical context that is often ambiguous with works resembling alien landscapes, star maps to unspecified regions of space, or abstract structures alluding to probes and satellites. My practice is eclectic and frequently generative.  Temporary installations produce photographs, videos, and/or parts that reappear in later sculptures, and vice versa sculptures may appear in larger multimedia configurations. In my process sculpture, photography, video, and drawing/painting mimic each other within a self referential hybrid language of assemblage and trompe l'oeil.  Current bodies of work are–interactive optical sculptures, unstable topographical surfaces, and installations intended to present chaos as a believable visual system.

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